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Six Week Bikini Diet


Getting a perfect body that you will be proud to show off at the beach requires starting on time and sacrificing a lot. Maybe giving up your favorite things seems like a lot, but in order to succeed you must do it. This diet has two phases. First faze will get you in the bikini shape and the second is maintaining the good results.In the first phase you must first visualize you goal. Find your pictures from the period when you looked great and visualize yourself being like that again.


Every time when you think about giving up, look at them and you will feel better and more focused. As far as the food goes, the meals are smaller but frequent so you eat six times per day. Eat fish, non fat meat, egg whites, fruits and vegetables- all six meals must not have more than 1200 calories all together. First two meals should contain a lot of proteins, for second two meals non fat meat or fish are perfect, while the last two meals should be vegetables.

Remember you should not drink soft drinks, fruit juices, or alcohol during this period. Also avoid ketchup, barbecue sauces, basically all sauce- like things. These products contain a lot of sugar and calories so you must forget them. It may sound cruel but it’s worth it.

Off course, all this wouldn’t mean so much without proper exercise. Cardio training must be done everyday for 45 minutes and women should do exercises with their own weight 3-4 times a week, while men should lift additional weight. Exercise different muscle groups every time so if you did upper body one day, next day do exercises for the lower body. On the third and fourth day you can repeat the whole process again or focus on individual muscle groups like abs or legs. Don’t go to the gym with a full stomach; allow your body at least one hour to digest the meal.


Second phase is maintenance of your new, perfect body. When you achieve the result you can’t go back to your previous lifestyle. You can let yourself have a treat, favorite sweet or a drink once in a while, but don’t overdo it. In the maintenance phase you should keep the similar eating and exercising regime but the calories intake should be increased to 2000 calories per day.